Pets of
Cascade Life Alliance

Agent M

Meet Agent M our little tabby. She lives life on mission for naps in the sun, chirping at birds, and drinks straight from the kitchen faucet. When she grows up she hopes to one day be an outdoor kitty. 
-Owner: Rachel M


This is Alphonzo the Aldabra tortoise. He is still a toddler, but could live to be 150 years old! He could also weigh between 350-550 pounds. The largest tortoise ever recorded was an Aldabra weighing 672lbs! He loves naps, strawberries, and finding hiding places. He volunteers at the rose garden by cleaning up fallen petals (with his mouth). 
-Owner: Lacey J


Bella is a 14 year old Corgi/Rat Terrier mix. She is a big fan of treats, getting the lids off of empty water bottles, and shredding toilet paper roll tubes. She likes to be as close to her mom as possible, and is often annoyed by her adopted cat brother Oliver.
Owner: Robert K


Here is Bernie, our rescue dog. He rescued me and my wife 5 years ago. Shi-tsu mix mutt and the sweetest dog ever.
-Owner: Dave M


BOB is an 18 year old Maine Coon. He’s named after the possessing spirit from Twin Peaks. BOB’s life passion is food. When food is present he behaves more like a wolverine than a cat. His favorite things to try and eat when I’m not looking are Pirate’s Booty and strawberries.  When he’s not sleeping he’s busy hating all other cats.
-Owner: Adam S


Chai is a 73 pound lap dog. Meeting people is his favorite, along with playing fetch and exploring anywhere mom will take him. If you meet him in the office he will definitely try to lure you in for pets and belly scratches.
-Owner: Marissa E


Charli is a chihuahua min-pin mix and is everybody’s best friend. She enjoys long walks on the beach and deep conversations. She features this photo on her many online dating profiles.
-Owner: Sondra T


3 yo German Shepherd, only child and owner of the left side of the couch. 
Likes: bubbles, getting sprayed by the hose, and laying on the A/C vent.
Dislikes: dogs that run faster than him, when dad kills flies in the house, and when mom is looking at her phone and not him. 
-Owner: Lindsey G


This big brown ding dong doggy is Cork. He is a Shepherd mix and is estimated between 4-8 years old. He came from central valley California. He loves to chase the ball, swim and destroy toys.
-Owner: Amanda S


Cosette is considered one of the pioneers of the Dogs in the Workplace Movement. Her relentless pursuit of pet inclusion led the way for future dogs as well as the office pet policy. She is known for her unusual jumping style and boundary making.
-Owner: No one owns Cosette


Doug is an AussieDoodle, who was born in Washington in 2021. He is a man of many personalities but he primarily loves a good snuggle, chasing the ball, going on any and all adventures. Doug extremely smart and will do anything for a treat. Nicknames: Doodle, turkey, potato, and puddin’.
-Owner: Samantha B

Izzy & Lily

Sisters Izzy and Lily were rescues from Oregon Humane Society (OHS) when they were lil pups.
Izzy is a Aussie-Lab mix who is usually on patrol. She closely monitors her humans and canine sister for any sign of partying behavior that wasn’t pre-approved. She would really prefer that everyone either take her hiking or just sit down and read a good book.
Lily is a Staffordshire mix who is a master-level couch cuddler, crumb aficionado, and sunny yard lounger. At 14 and 11, they’re basically the Statler and Waldorf of our household.
Owner: Marie T

Joseph & Ella

This is Joseph “JoJo” and Ella,  4-year-old brother and sister.  You can find them lounging around the house, napping in any empty box, bag, or open cupboard they can find.  When not napping, they are my constant shadows or herding someone to the kitchen for treats. 
-Owner: Shannon L


Juniper Carter Cash Money Millionaire is a 3-year-old chihuahua mixed with the unknown. She was just adopted this past August and immediately fell into place with the CLA family. She loves attention and other dogs but is still unsure about humans.
-Owners: Noell & Kevin

Kaia Grace

My name is Kaia and I’m the youngest ten year old you’ll ever meet. I’m originally from Arizona, I’m an only child and I prefer it that way. I keep my circle small but when I let you in, I’ll love you forever. I love sunbathing, treats and sleeping in and I hate the rain (people tell me I take after my Mom in that way). You can find me lounging in my backyard enjoying the NW summers or laid up inside under a cozy blanket during the winter, dreaming of McDonald’s cheeseburgers and squeaky toys.
-Owner: Ashlyn C


Lewie was brought to Dove Lewis by a kind person who found him on the streets in rough shape. They fixed him up, adopted him out, and I named him accordingly. Loves: being weird, eating, being chased around the apartment, sunbathing, and making kitty friends. Dislikes: interrupted sunbathing, not getting human food, and playing independently.
-Owner: Axe

Loki & Coeus

Here are my furry children. Loki (tuxedo) & Coeus (house panther) are brothers that we rescued through Meow Village. They rule our house and get whatever they want. Including every night after we have dinner Loki reads me the riot-act if I don’t feed them their wet food in a timely fashion. 
-Owner: Kristi J


This is Louie.
-Owner: Chris A


Moose got his name because he KNOWS he’s the biggest dog. He brags a mile PR of 6:42 (seriously) and thinks 10 pm is the perfect time to play because he’s a night shift doggo. 
Owner: Not Josh

Olive & Bao

My granddoggers Olive and Bao after a spa day together. What girl doesn’t love a lavender bath, nail trim, ears cleaned and a cute scarf for good behavior?
Treat provider: Barb T


My name is Oliver. I’m a Shih Tzu/Terrier/Poodle mix and my mom and dad call me “Goose”. I spend most days waiting for the mail person, sunning in the grass and chasing squirrels. When out to social engagements I make sure it’s “all about me”.
-Caregivers: Brent & Christiena


Oliver is a 2 year old tabby cat. He enjoys playing with nerf balls, sitting on every available surface and box, and perching in the windows to watch the birds and squirrels. He likes to cuddle between his sleeping human’s legs and make biscuits on blankets.
-Owner: Robert K


This is Phoebe! She’s been with me for 11 years since she was a baby. She loves car rides, treats, and getting attention when it suits her. 
-Owner: Hannah G


This regal creature here is Quincey “Furball” Browning, the beloved kitty of one Marcus Browning. Per his owner – he is the most “purrrrfectist” cat with supreme intelligence and out of this world supernatural powers. In reality he is loud and clumsy and has bad breath, but we still love him maybe a little too much. Here’s to at least 9 lives with our favorite little guy.
-Owner: Jenn B

Ruby May

Ruby May, Irish doodle, loves to stop and smell the roses and say hi to every person she sees. She’s just a gem 💎 
-Owner: Mariah A


Rumblestiltskin “Rumble”

Rumble is a tuxedo American shorthair, born in 2015. He lives with his 2 moms and sister, Violet. He enjoys the views from the top of the cat tower, stomping his paws for treats on Caturdays, and hopping around the house with his tail bent like a monkey. Nicknames: Captain Dead Leg, Dopey Lip, Mippy Mouse, & Monkey Butt.
-Owner: Lauren A


This little one is Squeak. He is a Pomeranian mix, estimated at 11 years old. He came from a Navajo reservation. He loves to sniff around and roll in the grass. He loves to hike, camp and paddle just like his brother, Cork!
-Owner: Amanda S


Uber, a native Idahoan, has been happily living in Oregon since 2016. A Welsh Cob/Hanoverian sport horse, he competes with his human teammate in jumper competitions along the west coast; but ultimately he prefers eating, seeing what others are eating, and letting small birds ride around on his back when he is out in the field.
-Owner: Rebecca S


Violet is a tuxedo American shorthair, born in 2015. She lives with her 2 moms and brother, Rumble. Violet loves nothing more than snuggling her mom, Lauren, as often as possible. She enjoys watching the birds, licking plastic, and singing to her toys once the lights go out. Nicknames: Boobah, Flat Frog, & Doctor Snug Snek.
-Owner: Lauren A