Inspired by the love and strength of our donors, their families, and recipients, Cascade Life Alliance
participates in and sponsors several events throughout the year to celebrate these families and their loved ones.

Education about the critical need for registered organ donors helps to build a strong organ donor registry that has organs ready and available to save lives.
Cascade Life Alliance has partnered with SODA: Student Organ Donation Advocates to reach students in our service area. Students who get involved with organ donation advocacy join a network of students from across the country who are mobilizing their peers to make a difference. With guidance from SODA National and our OPO, student leaders advocate for organ donation. Ultimately, this increased awareness results in more organ donor registrations and saves lives.

The Threads of Life Quilt touches thousands of people personally by sharing the stories of donors, recipients, and the professionals who are touched by donation.

Use these guidelines and make your square.

See photos from the Celebration of Threads of Life Quilts event


Congratulations to A Donation Conversation, a documentary for winning Best Picture at the Oregon Documentary Film Festival.
Documentary Trailer