Blossom Pin Awards

Recognizing hospital staff that go above & beyond!

October Blossom Pin Award Recipients

Paulette Hanson-OHSU-7C (NSICU)

Nominated by:  Lauren Axelrod

I have now worked with her on a couple of cases and she has been an incredible help not only with patient care but also navigating the various providers and their personal support (or lack thereof) for donor cases. Since there are mid-levels as well as the attending, fellows, residents, etc. It is a massive benefit to have someone who knows who to go to for what need. She was instrumental in getting the night shift attending involved in having the patient get BD testing in a timely manner. She is an incredible asset to the unit and to us.

Manny Torres, CVICU-PeaceHealth Southwest

Nominated by:  Lauren Axelrod

Manny Torres (CVICU night shift charge). Marie and I overheard how bad RN staffing was going to be on night shift so I knew any requests outside of the norm would be difficult. Our patient, who had been there < 12 hrs and was unstable, was going to need to be put on CRRT. Manny helped with directing me to get the right person (Dr. Sea) to get an HD line put in and then offered to run CRRT as he didn’t have any nurses available to do it. He did this all with a busy and understaffed unit and with an incredibly positive and supportive manner. Without question if he hadn’t been able to do this the patient would not have been able to get what he truly needed, so when I say Manny came to the rescue I mean it.