Organ donation is not a tragedy but it can be a beautiful light in the midst of one

We understand how powerful the journey from illness to recovery can be, and know that if you received your transplant from a deceased donor, you likely have questions about the donation process, about your donor or your donor’s family, or about how you can share your story. We want to assist you in finding the answers you need, and hope you will explore our website for the many resources we have available to help you understand more about the gift you received.

As you may know, your identity and that of your donor are kept completely confidential. Because many donor families are anxious to know something about the recipients of their loved ones’ organs, non-identifying information is shared with them.

If donor families and/or recipients choose to correspond with each another, it is facilitated anonymously through our Family Resource Program. Many transplant recipients choose to write a letter of thanks for the selfless gift of donation and to share with their donor’s family how transplant has changed their lives. We encourage recipients to write, but we also know that the decision is very personal and can be affected by complex emotions. The “Giving Thanks” brochure will provide some guidance for your letter writing process. For additional support, please call our Aftercare Services Coordinator at (503) 494-5560.