About Us


Cascade Life Alliance is a federally designated non-profit organ procurement organization. We serve Oregon, southwest Washington and western Idaho, and have offices in both Portland and Boise. Since our founding in 1987, the mission has remained: 

To save, enhance, and heal lives through organ donation and transplantation

Our mission is honored daily by a team of clinical organ procurement coordinators, donation and family advocates, preservationists, referral response coordinators, hospital development coordinators, quality and data analysts, aftercare support providers, clinical educators, administrative staff and medical directors. Learn more about the OPO oversight structure.

Cascade Life Alliance Leadership


Executive Leadership Team

Craig Van De Walker
Executive Director

Katy McCue
Director of Strategic

Lauren Land
Director of Clinical Operations

Anna Nelson
Director of Quality &
Regulatory Affairs

Viken Douzdjian, MD
Medical Director

David Scott, MD
Medical Director


Advisory Board Members

Robert Boggs
Tissue Bank Rep.

Viken Douzdjian, MD
Legacy Transplant Services
At-Large Member

Julia Durrant, MD
Neurology Rep.

Sean Hurst, MD
Chief Med. Examiner of Oregon
Medical Examiner Rep.

Kevin Koomalsingh, MD
Providence Heart Transplant Program
Transplant Center Rep.

Kelly Laschkewitsch
Legacy Health Systems
Hospital Administration Rep.

Darren Malinoski, MD
Board Chair
ICU Rep.

Erin Maynard, MD
Transplant Surgeon Rep.

Kevin McEvoy, MD
Legacy Transplant Services
Transplant Surgeon Rep.

Balinda Olive-Beltran
Donor Family Rep.

Nathan Osbun, MD
Legacy Transplant Services
Transplant Surgeon Rep.

Paula Prince, ACNP
Providence St. Vincent
Public Rep.

Richard Riffle
Ada County Coroner Office
Boise Coroner Rep

Phil Ronning
Transplant Recipient Rep

Carley Shaut, PhD (ABHI)
Lab of Immunogenetics & Transplantation
HLA Rep.

Mark Williams
Transplant Recipient Rep.

Jackie Wirz, PhD
Public Rep.