Donor Designation

In 2008, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho joined the majority of states in this country in adopting revisions to the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, which strengthened an individual’s legal right to authorize organ donation in the event of his or her death (See ORS 097).    Donor designation, as indicated on a state issued driver’s license, ID card, or online registration, represents legally binding, first person consent for organ and tissue donation at the time of death. State laws confirm this designation as informed authorization for donation, and have determined that designation may only be legally revoked by the decedent prior to his or her death.

Cascade Life Alliance has access to DMV donor designations records and the online registry. When a potential donor is referred, we will check the donor designation status, and present this information to the families and hospital staff at the appropriate time.

We are legally and morally obligated to honor an individual’s choice for donation when designated. Regardless of legislation, we strongly encourage people to share their decision to be a donor with family members before a crisis arises. Pre-existing knowledge of an individual’s desires helps alleviate the pressure of decision-making after the crisis has occurred. Whether donor designation is present or not, Cascade Life Alliance is committed to supporting grieving families through the donation process to ensure that their needs are met and respected. For more information about donor designation and state legislation, use the links below to find the specific legislation for your state.

Oregon State Legislature
Idaho State Legislature
Washington State Legislature


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