What We Do

Organ donation requires a compassionate, altruistic gift from one person to another. Cascade Life Alliance has the crucial role of determining what donation options may be available, sharing those options with the hospital team, and then presenting them to a family who is in the process of grieving the loss of a loved one. The complexities of successfully providing such a gift are often misunderstood by the general population, and even by many in the medical world. We work cooperatively with the primary caregivers in the hospital to achieve the goal of saving lives in the face of a tragic situation. The gift of organ donation relies on detailed conversations with a family, an expert healthcare team continuing the care of a patient beyond the point of saving their life, and the very best in technology, medicine, and transplant surgery to provide life-saving gifts to people in need.

At Cascade Life Alliance, we are striving, along with AOPO members across the country, to
achieve 50,000 transplants in 2026. Read more about the 50K Transplants Campaign.

I once asked a woman
what song she wanted to listen to
as her son took his last breaths

She said play the music
of her 8 grandchildren's feet
hitting the floors of her hallway

The soft humming of the adults
taking their coffee in the kitchen

The heavy echo of her heart
standing still
With his

-The Heavy Echo
by Jenna Lucescu
Donation & Family Advocate