Medical Examiner/Coroners

Please note, this information is intended for medical professionals. If you have reached this page in error, please return to the home page.

Individuals involved in medicolegal death investigation (medical examiner/coroner staff members, district attorneys, law enforcement, etc.) play a vital role in ensuring that donors and their families are not unreasonably denied the opportunity to share the gift of life upon their death.  Preserving and protecting this opportunity for all potential donors requires cooperation and collaboration between those responsible for medicolegal death investigation and our organization. 

Educational Opportunities

We are dedicated to providing ongoing training, education, and information to our partners who work within the medicolegal death investigation community regarding organ donation and how we can work together to honor the wishes of donors and/or their family members to give the gift of life.  We are currently developing a new program and more information will be shared soon.  Sign up here to receive information about upcoming educational opportunities


National Association of Medical Examiners Position Statement on Release of Organs and Tissues for Transplantation

The National Association of Medical Examiners issued an original position paper in 2015, which was reissued as a position statement in 2019 regarding medical examiner release of organs and tissues for transplantation that states the goal of every ME/C (medical examiner/coroner) office should be “zero denials” when it comes to release organs and tissues for donation.  It is Cascade Life Alliance’s desire to work collaboratively with medical examiners and coroners to support this goal of “zero denials” all while supporting the needs of the death investigation.  Position Statement

Regulatory/Statutory References

CMS Condition of Participation

Idaho Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

Oregon Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (ORS 97.951-985)

Oregon Uniform Determination of Death Act Language (ORS 112.582)

Washington Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (RCW 68.64.010-68.64.903)

Washington Supreme Court Case In RE Bowman, Uniform Determination of Death Act Language


Please feel free to reach out to our Medical Examiner/Coroner Liaison regarding any questions you have related to organ donation.  Also, if you would like additional educational information, please let us know and we will see what other opportunities are available.

Joshua Voyles, Medical Examiner/Coroner Liaison