Living Donation Options

Cascade Life Alliance works with deceased donors and their families. There are three transplant programs within our region that work with living donors; Legacy Health, Oregon Health & Science University and the Veterans Affairs Portland Health Care System.

The most common type of living donation is called Directed Donation. This is when the donor knows their recipient who might be a family member, friend, coworker, church member or acquaintance.

However, some people want to be living kidney donors even though they do not personally know someone in need of a transplant. These donors are referred to as Non-Directed, “Good Samaritan” or “Anonymous” donors and can donate to a recipient who is on the waiting list for a kidney transplant.

A third donor option is called Paired Exchange. When blood tests reveal that a donor is not compatible with their intended recipient, both the donor and recipient may choose to enter an exchange or “swapping” program with other incompatible donor-recipient pairs. A living donor advocate will discuss this option with you if you and your recipient are not a match.

To learn more about living donation programs in Oregon, please visit these websites:

Legacy Health

Oregon Health & Science University